“The Sourlands: A New Jersey Treasure”

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The Sourlands is a region in New Jersey that includes portions of Hunterdon County, Mercer County and Somerset County. It is centered on Sourland Mountain and comprises parts of Lambertville, East Amwell, West Amwell, Hillsborough, Hopewell Boro, Hopewell Township, and Montgomery Township. The Sourland Conservancy is an active non-profit organization dedicated to protect, promote, and preserve the historic and ecological qualities of the Sourland Mountain region.

About the Project

Challenges & Solution

People who live in New York City, the Rockies, Napa Valley, even the New Jersey Pine Barrens, know they live someplace special. Someplace where people say: “It must be great living there!” We live in, or near, a special place too; it’s just not that well known. It’s called the Sourlands. If you don’t know about it, it’s a great time for an introduction to this New Jersey treasure. 

This 34-minute film tells the story of New Jersey’s Sourland Mountain, an ecological oasis in the heart of the nation’s most densely populated state. Home to the largest forest in central New Jersey, the relatively unspoiled Sourlands provide critical habitat for endangered animals and plants, as well as a place of refuge, recreation and inspiration for people from the surrounding cities, towns and suburbs. This documentary has been produced by the Sourland Conservancy for local viewers to get new insights and spark a desire to learn more about this beautiful place.

The Sourlands: A New Jersey Treasure premiered at the Off-Broadstreet Theater in Hopewell, NJ. A couple hundred people gathered to check out the film over a delicious dessert and coffee. The audience reaction was great! After a very insightful question & answer session with the film’s interviewees, Carol Heffler performed a few songs including the film’s original title track “Refuge” written specifically for the documentary. Thanks to everyone who came out to show their support!

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