Creative Storytelling & Filmmaking

Captivate the audience. Engage with a story.
Inspire them to act.

Leave the Audience
Willing to Act

This is the fundamental approach to every Skynine production. There are many industries with stories that need to be told: corporate and business, healthcare and medical, education, non-profit, and government… the list goes on. But they all have a goal – leaving the audience willing to act.

That will depend on marketing strategies set forth early on in the production process. Maybe you want to sell a product or service, increase sales, train your staff, or simply entertain your audience. A great video with a strong message can leave a lasting impression on viewers, driving better results that are in line with your marketing goals.


We Invest
In Ourselves

Taking great pride in owning and maintaining our own production equipment provides us with consistency, comfort, predictability, and flexibility. It yields a better shooting experience for everyone resulting in less time troubleshooting foreign gear and more time focusing on the details that matter to you. It also guarantees equipment is in stock and ready to use in your next production.


Our Video Production Process

Digital media production requires more resources and expertise than ever before. Our creative team at Skynine is ready to guide you through every step of the process, from early project development all the way through final delivery.


In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve adopted new practices in order to keep everyone safe during every aspect of production:


Measure twice,
cut once.

When you’re working on an important project there is no substitute for good planning. We utilize a wide array of essential pre-production techniques that will hone your message and keep your project on the right course.


This is where
the fun starts

We do what it takes to tell the story… and sometimes we get a little dirty to get the perfect shot! We’ve been in some uncomfortable positions to ensure we capture the right moment at the right time all while outfitted with the latest technology and shooting techniques required to create the high quality video your audience has come to expect. 


Where the magic

For us at Skynine, the phrase “That’s a wrap” is often synonymous  with “Let’s get started.” Even with the most modern digital video formats, post-production still involves hands-on organization, storage, and artistic synthesis… all while working with enormous amounts of data. With years of experience in complex post-production software and techniques, we are able to push the boundaries of what most think is possible.


high fives

Before your project is prepared for final delivery, we create a private proof site for you to review and contemplate changes. After approval, we can deliver the final product in one of many digital formats. And we’re done… on time and within budget!


Safe Video Production In A Post-Pandemic World

First and foremost, the team at Skynine is wishing all our clients, friends, and families a safe and healthy year as we navigate this unprecedented time together.  As people stay connected during the pandemic, they are viewing more and more websites, blogs, and social media posts and, of course, they are watching more videos. Since early 2020, media consumption has increased by 60% and shows no signs of slowing down. In a time of uncertainty, one thing remains certain: We’ve been training all our professional lives for this moment. 

While many companies and organizations have scrambled to pivot towards livestreaming in order to “keep up with the Joneses,” we’ve been ready to rock. We’re fully equipped with the gear, experience, and “know-how” to handle any virtual or hybrid project that’s thrown at us. 

Virtual Projects

From virtual summit conferences and school graduations to music and theater performances, we’ve steered many pandemic projects towards a creative virtual model. Thankfully, we have some pretty awesome out-of-the-box thinking clients! Below are some examples of alternative approaches to video and/or communications projects:


In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve adopted new practices in order to keep everyone safe during every aspect of production:

3D Virtual Music Ensembles

Virtual Band Videos

Virtual Orchestra Videos

Remote Video Studio

Virtual Events, Meetings, or Summits

Virtual School Graduations

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