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Discovery Search Partners is a full service retained executive search firm, founded by an experienced team of life sciences consultants with a passion for finding a better way to serve clients and deliver value. Located in Atlanta, Boston, the Philadelphia suburbs, and Virginia, their team brings over 50 years of experience to retained executive search.

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Sometimes explaining who you are and what you do can be a difficult task. Perhaps you need to explain complex concepts or metaphors in a simple and effective way? Maybe you have a product or service that doesn’t have a whole lot of visual interest? An animated explainer video is an easy way to convey your message and bring your product or service to life!

In this case, the executive search firm Discovery Search Partners wanted an engaging video that shows how they hire and retain the best talent in the pharmaceutical industry. The “lowest hanging fruit” metaphor was a perfect way to describe how their hiring process is unique. The video below ended up on the footer of every page of their new website. Check it out!

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Discovery Search Partners :: Animated Explainer Video

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