Philadelphia Grain & Malt Symposium

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Philadelphia Grain & Malt Symposium


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The mission of the Philadelphia Grain & Malt Symposium is to build a stronger regional grain/malt value chain for all participants through education, networking, and sharing products. A grain revolution is happening.

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We crafted this event promo film for the Philadelphia Grain & Malt Symposium, an annual value chain coordination event for grain and malt. This event is designed to strengthen the Philadelphia region for all stakeholders through education, networking, and sharing products made with local grain and malt. We shot in two different locations: the networking social at New Liberty Distillery and the technical conference and food & beverage showcase at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA.

We had a blast hanging with local farmers, maltsters, millers, brewers, distillers, bakers, chefs, restaurateurs, distributors, retailers, and consumers. Everyone had a passion for the local value chain. They also have a passion for giving us beer and other tasty food and drinks!

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Philadelphia Grain & Malt Symposium :: Event Promo

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