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The mission of Friends For Pegasus is to restore and transform one horse at a time. Phase I of training restores a selected equine to physical and mental wellness. Phase II continues the training past the restoration stage into the transformation stage. Friends For Pegasus is committed to inspiring and informing people about the power and beauty of a horse living up to its full potential.

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The mission of Friends For Pegasus is to promote better understanding of equine wellness through the rehabilitation and transformation of horses who need a second chance.

The process of restoring these equines to physical and mental wellness will serve to produce and disseminate educational materials (ie visual and literary) to promote improved behavioral training methods and supportive materials that will inspire and educate the general public as well as the international equestrian community. All horses will be eligible for adoption as a result of enrolling in the program. Learn more about how you can be a part of the transformation, “one hoof at a time.”

“Tag” Short Film

This short film introduces the extraordinary story of a couple and their Standardbred horse, who after catastrophic racing injuries, goes on to forge a new career inspiring people world-wide. Enjoy this short clip where a horse and his humans take on the challenge of a Pegasus style transformation.

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"Tag" Short Film :: Friends of Pegasus

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