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The Kutztown University Marching Unit (KUMU) is a marching band with a great band tradition. The ensemble is an energetic part of the Kutztown University Campus Community which provides music, marching, and entertainment for all KU Golden Bears Football games, select away games, marching band festivals/competitions, professional sporting events, parades, and additional spirit building activities. 

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The Marching Unit is currently composed of Winds, Brass, Battery Percussion (drums), and Colorguard members who bring with them a wide variety of talents and experiences. KUMU is one of the largest student organizations on campus and has a great tradition that is an energetic and essential part of the KU campus community.

We developed three short promotional recruiting videos for social media: one for the band (winds focus), one for the color guard, and one for the percussion ensemble. Each video features upperclassmen of KU sharing some of their positive experiences of being in marching band. Below is an example of one of them!

Fast forward a year… From outdoor-only rehearsals, social distancing, and mask wearing to careful equipment handing and truck loading, the resilient students and staff of KUMU embraced many new safety guidelines and precautions as the new norm in 2020. The performance shown below, for instance, was shot in short segments over the course of an hour with breaks to clear the field and allow the air to settle. 

Many would ask, “why?” Why go through all the trouble just for a couple online virtual performances? It comes down to one word. Passion. Every member of KUMU made a choice to be a part of the family and continue our tradition of excellence! While it may not have been the season everyone asked for, it was surely memorable and special in it’s own way.

Kutztown University - 2020 Show Performance

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