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Vault Brewing Company


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Vault Brewing Company masterfully blends the old with the new in the 1889 former bank building it calls home. This hip, speakeasy-style bar keeps its brewery in plain view & serves up craft beer, tapas & jazz.

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When you think about a brewpub, chances are good that you’re not envisioning something like Vault Brewing Company. And that’s intentional – James and the other owners have sought to create a destination that defies the conventional wisdoms of normal bars and restaurants. After a few months of being open, it’s safe to say they have succeeded.

Vault Brewing Company occupies the previous home of several banks dating back to 1889; the original 8,000lb vault door now guards a select bevy of kegs and aging barrels. All brewing is done on-site; you can almost reach out and touch the fermenters while sitting at the bar. Aside from drinking the wort, that’s as fresh as you can get. Across the main room is what James affectionately calls “the Bentley of ovens.” It really is a visual centerpiece and it provides copious amounts of amazing smoky aroma. Their pizzas are outstanding – the Skynine favorite is the Brown Sugar Buffalo Pizza. My mouth waters just thinking about it!

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Vault Brewing Company :: Yardley, PA

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